‘We dramatically change and improve daily lives by providing the best TeleMental Health and Telemedicine services anywhere.’

‘We dramatically improve daily life by providing the best TeleHealth services anywhere.’

Take the Restora Health COVID-19 Challenge!

The Restora Health COVID-19 Challenge is a simple challenge to modestly change your lifestyle so that you get healthy according to our 5 + 2 Normals™.

By getting to our 5 + 2 Normals™ your odds of beating COVID-19 are 99.97%!

Why is that?

Because those who are healthy, have been shown to be in the 99.97% group that beats COVID-19.  That’s the group we want you and everyone else to be in.

What are the Restora Health 5 + 2 Normals™?
They are:

    1. Normal Blood Sugar
    2. Normal Blood Cholesterol
    3. Normal Blood Pressure
    4. Normal Weight, and
    5. No Tobacco


    1. Stress Management
    2. Reduction / Elimination of Inflammatory food and lifestyle

Free Health Assessment Test (HAT)™

Take our Health Assessment Test (HAT)™ and get a free Personal Health Plan (PHP)™!

According to Dr. Michael Roizen of the Cleveland Clinic, if you achieve these 5 Normals (we added the + 2), you will be 12 years younger physiologically than those who are not within the 5 Normals. (Reference link)

And you will have better mental function, have more control, be emotionally happier, and save on health care costs by 33% to 50%.

The great thing is that it costs you nothing to achieve this wonderful goal! You can achieve this without any medications or doctor’s visits! And we believe 99% of all people can achieve this on their own!

How to Get To the Restora Health 5 + 2 Normals™:

    1. Take our Restora Health Assessment Test (HAT)™ (Click here)
    2. Receive your own Personal Health Plan (PHP)™

This Personal Health Plan™ (or PHP) will give you a small book (about 83 pages) based on your answers in the HAT that will guide you over the course of one year on how to get to the 5 + 2 Normals™.

Restora Health is the only company in the country that has this, and it is yours free.


Besides this, we will then send you weekly ‘nudges’ to help you get to the 5 + 2 Normals™ – all based on the answers you gave.

This is totally free from Restora Health. And we know that our 24/7 Care + Benefits package is the Ideal Companion to help you achieve the 5 + 2 Normals™.


Because, first if you need a doctor you have one available to you 24/7 who is able to e-script your prescription right to your local pharmacy if necessary.

We also offer 24/7 Mental Health Counseling by Masters Level Counselors because Mental Health is becoming increasingly important in today’s world and stress puts a huge toll on your overall health.

And if you subscribe to either our ‘24/7 Care‘ or ‘24/7 Care + Benefits‘ Membership Programs, then you also have 24/7 access by email or text to these specialists with our eDoc America program:

      • Physicians
      • Pediatricians
      • Psychologists
      • Pharmacists
      • Dentists
      • Dietitians
      • Fitness trainers
      • Alternative Medicine Doctors
      • Eye Doctors for help with treatment options
24/7 Specialist/Second Opinion

So, if you need help with a diet or with exercise or other medical questions as you work toward your 5 + 2 Normals™, know that we have someone who is ‘Always Here For You.’

You can even order most of your own labs with our Quest Labs benefit. If you need to find a medical specialist or if you need help negotiating old medical bills, then our Medical Concierge team with Health Advocates team who will help you all along the way. With our Dental and Vision discounts you will see savings that will pay for this program 5 times over.

Restora Health is the future of medicine. No more germ-filled waiting rooms and expensive visits for routine care. We resolve 97% of all calls that come into us. Now, with our 5 + 2 Normals™ program and our benefits, you and your whole household can all be healthier and free of the hassles of traditional medicine at just $19.95 a month!

And remember, at Restora Health we are ‘Always Here For You ‘.