‘We dramatically change and improve daily lives by providing the best TeleMental Health and Telemedicine services anywhere.’

‘We dramatically improve daily life by providing the best TeleHealth services anywhere.’

The #1 Issue Facing Colleges today may not be COVID but rather the Mental Health Crisis that is gripping our students and robbing them of their productive lives.

Before COVID, student mental issues were climbing faster than they could be cared for:

“What we’re seeing now are growing numbers of students coming [onto] campus who are already being treated for mental illness, or who are on various medications and who really have learned to manage their illnesses at home,” he says, “but suddenly they’re on their own and sometimes they’re not following through [with] their own recommended treatments.” Dr. Anthony Rostain, co-author of The Stressed Years of Their Lives
May 28, 2019

Now, with COVID, nearly 70% of students are experiencing mental health issues.

A study published by HigherEdToday.org quotes one University President saying, “Mental health has become a major issue for retention and the general well-being of our students . . . This is in my top three areas of improvement for my college.”

Time Magazine reported that colleges and universities across America are overwhelmed, and many are calling this an ‘epidemic.’ The statistics are scary:

● Today, one out of three college students have significant depression or anxiety issues.

… more alarmingly,

● One out of five students made a plan to commit suicide over the last 12 months! Over 50% reported some thoughts of self-harm, and 10% said they thought of it often or always!

The good news is that there is a viable, low-cost solution to this crisis.

Restora Health’s significant resources work with your counseling office to assist  ALL students with  lower acuity cases, freeing up face-to-face resources to focus on those students that need individualized help.

Our service is app-based, and allows 24/7 texting and email counseling. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and work to get all students healthy.

Most importantly, IT WORKS – and it works for a very affordable price.

Call 800-595-4077 (ask for Matthew Mann) to discuss getting your students the care they need and deserve.