The transition from High School to College is an extremely exciting, yet scary time for students and parents alike. In many cases, it is a young adult’s first time on their own, without their parental safety net nearby.

As parents, we try to equip our children with the tools necessary to function on their own, but it’s impossible to cover every scenario they may encounter in the world. We simply have to trust they will be okay; that they will make good decisions, and learn from their mistakes.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop worrying. It’s stressful. Stressful for us, and stressful for them.

We deal with the stress of worrying about the unknown, and they deal with the stresses of a new environment, new friends (or lack of friends), and the pressure of an academic life in which no one is going to hold their hand.

Our Restora Health family has weathered the ups and downs of college life, as both students and parents, which is why we are passionate about making sure students, and their parents, have someplace to turn for help.

Whether it’s after hours, or on a weekend, we’re here 24/7/365 to care for your needs.