‘We dramatically change and improve daily lives by providing the best TeleMental Health and Telemedicine services anywhere.’

‘We dramatically improve daily life by providing the best TeleHealth services anywhere.’

Your students are scared. What if they get sick?

It’s 9 pm Sunday evening, and they don’t feel well. What do they do?

The health center is closed and they don’t have a ride to an Urgent Care or ER. Even if they did, they don’t want to go to because of all the (COVID) germs there.

They call their parents. Their parents scramble but they don’t know what to do. They offer to drive to the school and pick them up, but the student doesn’t want them to do that.

What does the student do? Go to class feeling sick and hope it goes away – but what if it is a serious infection? Are they going to spread it to the rest of the school?

What is peace of mind worth for your students, their parents, and the administration?

Students can talk to a doctor via a simple ‘Face-Time’ type app on the phone within 15 minutes, and the doctor can eScript a prescription right to a local pharmacy when necessary. All safe, secure, and germ-free from the comfort of their own room!

Our doctors are all US Board Certified doctors with an average of 15 years experience.

Our doctors can also email a doctor’s note without the patient ever leaving their room and then the student can forward that note on to all their instructors.

The reality is that if it is tough for a student to take time off from class, or if it’s too much of a hassle, then they just won’t go and get checked out.


But with our 24/7 Telemedicine, the student can now stay in their room and not worry about how to get to a doctor’s office or not.

    • The student has peace of mind
    • The parents have peace of mind
    • Other students avoid getting infected, and
    • The administration just avoided a crisis at school.

No matter the time or day, our doctors are engaged with the student within 12 minutes.

We resolve 94% of all patient inquiries with 97% patient satisfaction. (We are a lot less expensive than equipping a health center and most students only have acute medical needs that can be addressed by TeleMedicine.)

And there is

    • no copay,
    • no deductible and
    • no paperwork!

It is simple, easy and very affordable (student size dependent pricing – prices begin as low as $36 for a whole year of unlimited coverage with no copay!).

Call 800-595-4077 (ask for Matthew Mann) to discuss getting your students the care they need and deserve.

“Hi, my name is Malia and I am a student at the Ohio State University. last year I had a bad cold and did not want to get out of bed and go to the Health Center which would have taken hours out of my day and I would have had to walk over an hour to get there. So I called Restora Health; the doctor came in within 2 minutes in a FaceTime type of app right on my phone, and was extremely nice and understanding. He agreed that I had just a cold and did not need antibiotics. He wrote me a doctor's note and I had it within about 5 minutes. I forwarded the note to all of my professors and went back to sleep, which is what I needed the most. There was no bill, no paperwork, and all done within 12 minutes. Super easy, super convenient, super-fast and super cheap. This is a godsend.”
Malia M.
OSU Student