Take our Health Assessment Test (HAT)™ and get a free Personal Health Plan (PHP)™!

Take our Health Assessment Test (HAT)™ and get a free Personal Health Plan (PHP)™!

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Restora Health ‘Did You Know’ Blog

July 22, 2020

Stress is bad for you.   But…

Did you know…?

  • Stress makes hypertension worse . . .
  • Stress makes obesity worse . . .
  • Stress makes diabetes worse . . .
  • Stress makes heart disease and Coronary artery disease worse . . .
  • Stress makes asthma worse . . .
  • Stress makes anxiety and depression worse1 . . .

And did you know the most common co-morbidities of those who die of COVID are . . .yes, you guessed it:

  • Hypertension – 53%
  • Obesity – 53 to 84%%
  • Diabetes – 42%
  • Heart Disease and CAD – 29%
  • Asthma – 10%2

So it is important to do 2 things:

1 – Get healthy.  Take our Free Health Assessment Test and then receive our Free Personal Health Plan that will get you to our ‘5 + 2 Normals’.  With the ‘5 + 2 Normals’, your odds of beating COVID are greater than 99.99% because your odds of having those any of those comorbidities will also be less than 1%!

Take the FREE Health Assessment Test

2 – Use our TeleMental Health or seek counseling because stress not only makes you more vulnerable COVID, but for other diseases and aging.  

And keep smiling and be grateful!!  You have a lot to be thankful for.

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