Take our Health Assessment Test (HAT)™ and get a free Personal Health Plan (PHP)™!

Take our Health Assessment Test (HAT)™ and get a free Personal Health Plan (PHP)™!

About Us

Restora Health’s mission and vision:

“To provide great TeleHealth products and services for businesses, families, and individuals at an amazing price with an outstanding customer experience that ensures health, peace, safety, control, affordability, productivity, personal satisfaction and convenience to all.”

We keep things Simple and Straightforward.

Medical costs today are increasing by about 5.5% per year, yet pay is only increasing by about 2.5%.  Everyone’s wallet is shrinking – both personally and business-wise. Restora Health was started by medical practitioners who saw the waste and high cost of the medical system and knew there was a better way through TeleHealth. Through technology and compassion, we envision eliminating as much as 90% of all doctor and counselor in-office visits, which both lowers costs and empowers the individual. 

Our TEAM includes Physicians, Psychologists, a retired Physician Assistant, Technology experts, Customer Service Professionals, Strategic Visionaries and others. We have partnered with the best companies and individuals from around the nation to provide one of the most Comprehensive and Affordable TeleMedicine packages available on the market.  And now, with our partnerships with Accident Insurance carriers, we now provide an extensive coverage (insurance) at a very affordable rate.  Whether for individuals or for businesses and associations and schools, through our partnerships, we have been involved in TeleHealth for over 14 years. We’re all here to fulfill our Mission and Vision to make every person’s and every organization’s lives better. Period.