‘We dramatically change and improve daily lives by providing the best TeleMental Health and Telemedicine services anywhere.’

‘We dramatically improve daily life by providing the best TeleHealth services anywhere.’

About Us

At our core, what we are about is to dramatically improve the daily life of you and your employees.

We do that by providing unlimited Telemedicine and unlimited TeleMental Health with $0 copay and good for the whole family (18+ for mental health).  This give you control, freedom and relief from the stresses of life.  Founded by Matthew Minarik and his wife of 27 years, Margaret, Restora Health is all about you!

We improve your daily life by providing the best value in the best enhanced medical benefits anywhere. We are responsive and affordable. That is why we partnered up with the most experienced and powerful Providers, like Teladoc and Administrators like New Benefits.  They serve over 30 Million members.  You are now part of these great organizations.

We’re all here to fulfill our Mission and Vision which is to provide relief and make every person’s and every organization’s lives better by providing affordable, accessible virtual care. Period.